Sister Rebecca

 form Uganda

 Praise God

I praise the name of Jesus because that name heals and delivers.
My Son was diagnosed with a problem of a stiff neck at the age of four months. As a result, he could not turn his neck and it would always tilt on one side. Little did we know that it was time for crawling, the boy could not crawl and so was walking and talking. He was always restless crying day and night.
During that time, we sought the help of medical specialists, a brain scan was done but still the doctors could not establish the cause of the problem and hence didn’t offer and solution. It’s at this point that we sought the help of our pastors and through persistent prayer and fasting, coupled with faith God delivered our son from all those demonic powers that had paralyzed his life.
The boy is now very fine, his neck is normal and his speech very fine in fact there is no single sign that he ever had such a problem, God has healed him completely.
Our god is a healing God, Is there any impossible situation in your life today? The good news is that Jesus still heals today.
May the Lord’s be praised in the whole world.

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