This is a program carried to various sections of community like in prisons, hospitals, universities/ colleges or schools, crusades for general societies and home cells. There are home cells visited for this purpose, two in Entebbe, two in Muyenga and one in Komaboga.

 Mercy network:

The community we serve suffers the abnormally of inadequacy welfare needs, the provision that the ministries supplements. Furthermore, assistance has been given to disaster stricken communities. For instance Katakwi was flooded with water causing property and food destruction. The people were assisted with food items, clothes and beddings.

Mercy Network

Similarly, Kasese suffered the same experience that Katakwi had that the assistance provided was the alike. While on the contrary Burundi and Congo suffered the effects of war that the ministries supplied clothes and house beddings and spiritual impartation for spiritual empowerment and up righteousness.

However as for Bududa on the fateful landslides falls claimed live, destroyed houses, affected store food and the gardens. Therefore the ministries intervention saw to the provision of food, clothes and house utilities.

 Annual Mobile Clinic

The ministries annually mans a mobile medical clinic with visiting qualified doctors that treat the community members of all types of ill health free of charge.



The ministries have carried out a number of missions to various places both internally in Uganda and externally. It has had crusades and conferences in kabaale, Gulu, Kalungu, Mbale, Jinja, Butambala, Kenya, Congo, and Burundi. On the contrary it has had conferences/ gospel teachings in South Africa, America and England.
As a normal schedule, the ministries carry out missions on a basis of either national or international.