Pr. Josephine Shalom got saved in 1986 in Masaka, after finishing her studies.

1987 she got married to Mr Peter Mugalula in Masaka full gospel church and God has blessed them with three children. In those days she was a house wife. She did not know that God had called her to evangelize and preach the good news to the hurting souls.  After a few years, Her and Her husband shifted from Masaka to Kampala then she joined Makere full gospel church. There they used to fast but for her, she used to take an extra mile to fast and pray for the church and pastors. By then she be just choir member.

In I995, her husband who was a business man by then went to Japan to work, but after 2years he was arrested and imprisoned in Japan. As a married woman with three boys, she was so bathered; she started praying for him. More so attracted People who used to gather and they started a home cell at her home.

Through constant serious prayer and fasting, God told her its witchcraft that had led to all that. People did not stop from gathering at her home. Through prayer GOD delivered the People from the different diseases and bondages.

After God had told her to fast for seven months, He anointed her to serve his people and since then she has never moved back. She has seen God healing and delivering people each new day.