In 1980 Mugaluka peter (his name Mugaluka meaning coming back) got saved form Masaka Full gospel and later became a part-time evangelist ministering to people from 1980 to 1989. Later, he shifted from Masaka to Kampala with his wife and children. They joined Makerere Full Gospel Church in Kampala. He joined a business as a car dealer importing cars from Dubai to Kampala so ministry was no more a part of his life.
In 1994 some Prophets from Canada came and prophesied upon His life that God had called him to be a pastor (full time minister). But after that prophesy His heart did not believe because at that time he never saw himself a full time minister since he loved his car business. He couldn’t leave it to join ministry as a pastor since he loved money and pastors at that time where poor.


Later, he got a deal to travel to Japan after Half a year and was arrested in Japan for overstay. He believed that this happen because he ignored God’s calling upon His life. While in prison for over seventeen month, he Hard God’s voice speaking to him directly say, “Son you are not supposed to be here. You’re supposed to be ministering to my people.” He humbled himself and decided to take up the task. This was as a result of serious prayer and fasting from back home in Uganda where her Dear wife was so involved.


From prison in 2000, “Word of truth Ministries” was started with a vision from a prison cell. This was after God speaking to Him and letter got another name Tumwebaza Peter Shalom.
Tumwebaza Peter Shalom got married to Josephine Shalom and God has blessed them with three children Gideon, Isaac and David.