Ministry Background:

The ministry was started in 2004 as a home cell prayer alter coupled with night prayer sessions.
It attracted all walks of people that were under bondage,the sick, unemployed, witch craft practioners e.t.c.
The active members of the home cell were delivered from their bondages and they subsequently attained spiritual growth. Later they were influential in the opening up of the up country homecells that were graduated to churches. The pastors to the new churches were provided by the ministries.
Given the unceasing prayer alter at konge, God communicated to the ministries’ deputy president to establish and manage a church at Konge.
Further more in 2004, God instructed the ministries to start a prayer alter and a lunch hour service session in kampala city centre.
By virtue of the fact that the ministries operate on a norm of a prayer house in 2013, it launched a twenty four hour prayer drive in Kampala city center to stem up close relationship with God as per ministries.


 Statement of faith

The organization operates under the guidance of the statement of faith that Jesus Christ is the son of God, who died and rose again.
Baptism in much water and Holy spirit and it’s in filling.
Holy matrimony.
Speaking in tongues and
Believing in female service.


 Our Mission

Our mission advocates for the:
The acknowledgment and acceptance of God and his mighty.
Promoting deliverance opportunities to the bound.
To train and equip God’s ministries /servants for stemming up knowledge and ascertainment of the kingdom of God and salvation.
Globalize the establishment and realization of the ministries services/ activities.